This one's a sure winner

Well, if you're like me, another Melbourne Cup has been and gone leaving an empty place in the purse. I had the favourite in the office sweep, and I'd picked the Bart Cummings horses in my trifecta... it's a good thing I can pick good books!

What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn is about the grief felt by Kate Meaney a young girl who goes missing in a shopping centre. The first third of the book is told from her point of view, she is a delightful character who is obsessed with the potential crime scene at Green Oaks mall. There is a shocking turn of events which is not revealed until the end of the novel. In part two the narrative moves towards 2004 where we meet Kurt and Lisa, both of whom are struggling with their own loss- of family, of romantic hopes and so on.

This is a novel that will stay with you, one to chew over and chat about with your friends.

Wonderful writing, the voices of Kate, Lisa and Kurt are so well wrought. And I had an out loud gasp at one turn of events towards the end! Highly recommended.

Happy tales,
Barking Owl


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! I love this book so much, and incidentally was the FIRST I ever bought at Book Depository all those moons (and books) ago.

  2. Sounds good - can i borrow one day?? :-)