Book Week Dress Up Day

As promised, here's today's dress up efforts.

Can I tell you that suit was like wearing a doona and I BAKED most of the day, despite it being cold and rainy.

My year 12s found it hard to take me seriously when I was discussing Anti-American Imperialist discourse dressed as Tigger.

bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!


  1. WoW! Ms Howson!! The things you find on line when you are procrastinating!!! Dont know quite how I got to this page, but love your blog - pity there wasn't resources like this when I was doing English and Lit! How are you going? Obviously still teaching?!?
    I am well, currently on maternity leave after first baby, and have been doing an MBA to fill in time ;o) - hence the procrastination. Go back to work part time in 6 weeks, would prefer to stay at home though! Hope all is well in your world, Chantel Pettit

  2. Chantel!
    Amazing to hear from you. And you would have to chose the post where I am dressed up like a fool.

    All is well in my world, not half as exciting as yours by the sounds of it.

    You on FB? Befriend me!

  3. Remember Tiggers are wonderful things!!
    Cant find you - I may be doing something wrong.... Am on FB under Chantel Pettit :o)