getting them to read

There's a story in the Guardian about a school in Wellington (NZ) where they are bribing the boys with Coke as a reward for some reading. The rewards get incrementally better with the number of books you can read.

Well. I'm a bit conflicted about this. On one hand, whatever it takes, eh bro? On the other, their little teeth! And the idealist in me wants to believe that there are better rewards, and that the desire to read should be intrinsically rewarding.

What reward programs have worked for you?


  1. Good question.
    In the UK working with deprived (in EVERY sense of the word) children I found simple things like stickers worked well and new pencils and textas for great progress.
    Choosing Coke as a reward? Bad for their teeth and emotional eaters and drinkers anyone?

  2. Hey, I couldn't find an email address around. You said you like some advice..just email me with what you'd like to know about and I'll get back to you asap. p.snarkATgmailDOTcom